Welcome to Curious Cubs 2021!

We are looking forward to a jam-packed and exciting term full of experiments.

This term we will be focusing on chemical reactions. With some fizzy and bubbly explosions, stinky reactions and some magical colour changes!
We ask that every lesson, every child please bring an old towel from home (something you don’t mind getting food colouring on – a dish towel will work well!) Sometimes we have spills or need to dry our hands and due to our no sharing rule, each child will need to bring their own from home. This year will be slightly different with smaller classes and social distancing. Please see our full list of COVID protocols.

Please contact your instructor for venue and fee information.

  • Each week, each child must bring an old towel from home. (Something that is safe to get dirty!)
  • It is a good idea to bring an old t-shirt or art apron to the lessons, as sometimes things get a bit messy 😊
  • All the experiments we do are completely safe and we use household items. On the odd occasion where we do something dangerous, like working with fire, we always call it a ‘watching experiment’ and our cubs watch from a safe distance. 
  • We encourage the children to only repeat experiments at home with adult supervision.
  • We will send out keywords once every few weeks about the experiments we are doing, so these can be reinforced at home.

Banking details

Name: Curious Cubs

Standard Bank

A/c number: 08 147 5160

Branch: Kromboom

Branch code: 026209

Cheque account

Reference: Child’s full name and school 

Please supply us with proof of payment.


Please click here to pay if you are on your mobile https://pos.snapscan.io/qr/J65UROSK

Or scan the QR code above.

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