Curious Cubs prepare children from age four to nine years, to be effective learners of science, by introducing them to scientific concepts, using experiments that take place in the everyday world around us. This tailored program is designed to stimulate their curiosity for the natural world around them and to enable them to practice their skills in exploration, questioning and observation. 

In our classes, we create hands-on science experiments with safe, household ingredients. We cover chemistry, biology and physics. We learn about electricity, magnetism, chemical reactions, volcanoes, colours, dinosaurs and more! It is exciting and hands on and we let our little ones do as much of the experimenting as possible, in a safe environment. 

Personal research indicates the need for a preschool and foundation phase science curriculum, where learners are exposed to the interesting and fun-filled world of science around them, before entering the primary school curriculum. Curious Cubs aims to create awareness and an appreciation for the sciences at the grassroots level. 

How did it start? 

Curious Cubs has been running successfully for 12 years and was created by Dr. Rebecca Felix. Dr. Rebecca Felix completed her tertiary education at the University of Cape Town. She majored in Human Genetics and was awarded a fellowship for Doctoral studies in 2000 which afforded her the opportunity to spend a year of her PhD at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Rebecca Felix graduated with a PhD in 2003. 

Dr. Felix is mother to 2 daughters. She aims to satisfy the thirst for knowledge in preschoolers by exposing them to a tailored preschool science program, which aims to eventually produce budding scientists in a developing country that so desperately requires the services and technologies of science and scientists. 

Dr. Rebecca Felix