Curious Cubs has been running successfully for 12 years and was created by Dr. Rebecca Felix. Dr. Rebecca Felix completed her tertiary education at the University of Cape Town. She majored in Human Genetics and was awarded a fellowship for Doctoral studies in 2000 which afforded her the opportunity to spend a year of her PhD at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Rebecca Felix graduated with a PhD in 2003. 

Dr. Felix is mother to 2 daughters. She aims to satisfy the thirst for knowledge in preschoolers by exposing them to a tailored preschool science program, which aims to eventually produce budding scientists in a developing country that so desperately requires the services and technologies of science and scientists. 

Dr. Rebecca Felix

Our Curious Cubs instructors have a passion for teaching science to young children and sparking curiosity about the world around them.


Amy Pallister
+27 68 596 0673
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Dr Rebecca Felix
+27 72 244 5600
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Kate Rogers
+27 62 190 0395
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Naeemah Barden
+27 72 194 0330
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Asheeqah Dawood
+27 82 432 5873
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Emily Felix
+27 84 837 2182
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Trisze Lewis-Kendall
+27 76 158 8231
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