Curious Cubs prepare children from age four to nine years, to be effective learners of science, by introducing them to scientific concepts, using experiments that take place in the everyday world around us. This tailored program is designed to stimulate their curiosity for the natural world around them and to enable them to practice their skills in exploration, questioning, and observation.

We will endeavor to teach our 32 lessons throughout the year spread out across 4 terms. (Which averages to 8 lessons per term).
Our classes are held once a week at your child’s school for 30 minutes. Please get in touch with your instructor if you have any queries.

In our classes, we create hands-on science experiments with safe, household ingredients. We cover chemistry, biology, and physics. We learn about electricity, magnetism, chemical reactions, volcanoes, colours, dinosaurs and more! It is exciting and hands-on and we let our little ones do as much of the experimenting as possible, in a safe environment.